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The Industry's Mr. Guts

The Success Story of

Mr. Ramon Velasco Marzan,
Founder of R.V. Marzan Group of Companies

When Ramon V. Marzan started working in the port, he was a trainee

locator for a brokerage company. He also did odd jobs like opening

and checking cargo, helping truck drivers, until he became a supervisor.

In his spare time he would pause and think about the success and failure

stories of then port personalities until he decided to make his like the

success story. 

Mr. Marzan decided to become a licensed broker instead of hiring his

own brokers so that he could do the job himself and "work with the best

clients". "During that time, I also realized that a brokerage firm cannot

survive without trucks because firms without trucks cannot enter the

market where the big ones are. I started to buy pick-ups to be able to

infiltrate the market. I first started my trucking business with one small

truck. It was just a Ford pick-up which I converted to a truck." Mr. Marzan

remarks laughing.

It was this time that a series of lucky breaks came for Mr. Marzan, affectionately called "Buddy" by his friends. "During this time, the construction of the Heart Center for Asia was about to start." Marzan gambled and bought an expensive 10-wheeler. "I was granted the hauling and delivery contract for the Heart Center. Since I was beginning to be known at the ports, several big-time hotels contacted me to haul and deliver all their needs, most of which came from abroad, either aboard ships or planes."

Amidst his toy models of trucks and jeepneys and the clutter of photographs and awards which adorn his walls, the horse figure is always there. "I really don't know why I chose the horse. Maybe it's because the horse is strong. It's tireless. You can make it work the whole day and it still does not lose its energy." Mr. Marzan said.

Mr. Marzan is also fascinated by the horse because he is proud of his father who used to be a cager in the Berlin Olympics. "My father, along with four other Filipino players were called the 'Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse'. He was only 18 years old during that time and that's the reason why I'm so proud of my name. My father always told me that since we had no wealth, I should always try to do something to add some family pride to our name. Maybe this is why I've always tried to work so hard to make something of myself." Mr. Marzan beams.

His professionalism and industriousness, perhaps the qualities which the foreigners saw in him, is likewise not unrecognized by his fellow countrymen because in 1982, Mr. Marzan became the president of the Integrated Truckers Association of the Philippines (INSTAPHIL). After several years, the Confederation of Truckers Association of the Philippines (CTAP) was born in an answer to the need for a collective body to promote the interests of the Country's freight transport business.

"I always used to think of how so many rich men became successful. I was thinking maybe because they already have money, I looked at them and then look at myself and say, what is the difference between him and me? We are all basically the same I thought, if they could do it so can I. Ever since I can remember I've always been praying hard. That is why not only do I attribute my success to determination, hard work, and confidence in myself. It is also because of my undying Faith in God, and of course, the things I learned from the 'University of Hard Knocks' which paved the way for my success."

 Mr. Marzan concluded. 

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